Module 3 – SLP


For this SLP, you will discuss the importance of epidemiology to public health. Research one current example of a disease outbreak and how knowledge of its epidemiology can help health care professionals protect people from disease. (HINT: The CDC and WHO websites are excellent sources of information for this topic). You will present your chosen disease outbreak as a Powerpoint presentation by addressing the topics below:

The following links are helpful guides on using PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 101: Everything You Need to Make a Basic Presentation (this resource is great for both Mac and PC users):–cms-19541

The Microsoft Office link below has several tutorials on Powerpoint from how to get started to additional techniques for advanced users:

PowerPoint Links

Slide 1: Name and describe the microorganism (bacteria or virus) responsible for the outbreak. Briefly introduce your readers to the history of the disease outbreak. Provide an image of the causative agent (microorganism).

Slides 2-3: Where has the outbreak been found globally? Where has it been found in the United States? Describe the specific locations. Provide at least one image of its current distribution.

Slide 4: How is the causative agent transmitted to humans?

Slides 5-6: What are the symptoms of the disease caused by the microorganism? What does the clinical presentation look like in affected patients? What are the complications?

Slide 7: How is it diagnosed? What tests are used?

Slides 8-9: How is the disease treated? What preventative measures are being used locally or globally to control future outbreaks? What is the CDC doing to control the outbreak?

Slide 10: Include any additional interesting facts or figures about the disease outbreak or causative agent.

Slide 11: References. 

SLP Assignment Expectations

For this SLP Assignment you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that is approximately 11 slides in length and addresses the requirements outlined above. Place the text containing the answers to the questions above in the slide area. Do a Google search to find images to support the data required and/or use images you have collected from the previous modules. Be sure your last slide includes the full references for any information or images used in your presentation. Please see the rubric for a complete description of grading criteria.

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