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Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion. Please include citations and references in case of another source.

Many factors go into the process of discovering if a new procedure falls into one’s scope of nursing practice. The ANA develops a solid base for nurses to determine what is their scope of practice. In other words, can we do this new procedure that this physician has asked me to do? If so what process does it take to determine yes or no and how would we introduce it to our peers?

The ANA over views standards for nursing care. They outline the scope of nursing practice describing it as services that are deemed competent for a specific nurse to perform falling under the terms of their specific license.

The first step in the process would be determining who would be doing the procedure/task, would it be an RN or Advanced practice RN . In this case their licenses are different and are legally allowed and trained to participate in different skills and procedures. Next step would be determining what exactly the procedure entailed, as nurses we are allowed to do procedures that protect, promote and optimize health for our patients, and optimize their abilities. We are allowed to treat our patients specific to doctor’s orders. We are expected to perform procedures that will only promote health and prevent illness, where no harm will be done to the individual, family or community. We must then determine where and when the procedures/ skills will be done, in our scope we can practice wherever a patient is in need of care in any setting appropriate (clinic, hospital, at home, as a home health nurse, school etc) and whenever a patient is in need. ( American Nurses Association, 2018)

After going through this process we must decide what our specific health care license qualifies us for as nurses by the state we live in. We must know our states Nurse practice act. Then, determine the laws and rules created by the states regulatory bodies that are intended to protect the public. This is what we as nurses are allowed to follow and act on. The Nurse practice act is updated annually and it sets the standard for our nursing scope of practice by mandating the Board of registered nurses to set out the responsibilities we have as an RN. (State of California, 2018)

After going through the process of figuring out if this falls under my scope of practice I would introduce it by bringing it up in work meetings, trying to do in services on the floor for day and night shift. Getting my manager and assistant manager and upper management involved with the new procedure to pass along information on this new procedure.


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