osmosis lab report

Question Description

1. Abstract- Provides a clear and concise 1-paragraph abstract which summarizes the purpose, methods, results, and key findings.

2. Introduction- Clearly states the purpose of the lab. Provides sufficient background on the topic and relates lab activity to course topics. Includes hypothesis.

3.Methods- Describes procedures outlining the steps of the experiment with enough detail that someone could perform the experiment. Includes description of equipment used, steps taken, timing, etc.

4. Results- Reports data and observations from the experiment. Results may be presented in a variety of formats to suit the material: written narrative, graphs, tables, dissection photos, etc. Includes titles, labels, units, scaling, captions, etc.

5. Discussion- Explains how/why the results relate to course concepts. Indicates if the hypothesis was correct (why or why not?), addresses any questions, notes any errors or inconsistencies, includes potential topics/questions for future investigation.

6. Formatting, Spelling, Grammar- Follows report template, including title page, numbering, and required sections. The report is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Sentence structure is sound and demonstrates clarity of thought.

7. References- Internal citations are included along with reference list at the end. Follows APA formatting style.

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