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Nursing research provides the scientific basis for the practice of the profession. Using multiple philosophical and theory-based approaches. The nursing research and the nursing process are similar in the fact that they are both processes. The similarities between the nursing process and the research process are data collection, evaluation/data analysis, and documentation/results. (The National Center for Biotechnical Information, 2016)  They each follow a set of sequential procedures. There are differences between the two, though. The differences between the nursing process and research process are the purpose, implementation, Focus and reason. The differences are very important. The purpose and the implementation of both have differences. Implementing requires a more rigorous approach with research.  Focus is more theoretical and abstract with nursing research. Nursing process tends to be more specific and concrete. Generation of knowledge comes from the outcome of nursing research. Whereas the outcome with the nursing process is maintenance of and changes that occur in patient, family, and/or community health. (Burns RN, PhD, 2016) The nursing process is mutual goal setting, data collection, diagnosis, planning, treatment, evaluation and documentation. The research process is protection of human subjects, literature review, problem, purpose, design, sample, setting, research questions, hypotheses, instruments, procedures, data analysis, results, limitations, discussion and dissemination. (AACN, 2016)

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