Nursing Philosophy

After careful thought, write your personal philosophy of nursing. The purpose of a philosophy statement in your portfolio is to describe the what, how, and why you do what you do in terms of your beliefs and values. A good beginning might include your reasons for choosing to become a nurse. It could also include how you expect to advance through further education, increasing your skills, and/or joining a professional organization, etc. Your philosophy must address the four concept of nursing’s metaparadigm: person, environment, health, and nursing. Define what each of the concepts means to you and how these concepts relate to each other. Wherever possible, provide concrete examples that demonstrate how these definitions are operationalized in practice. Discussing your ideas with one or more classmates may help you to clarify your ideas. In the future, a potential employer or university admissions counselor may ask for a statement of your philosophy and you would only need to make minor changes for the specific purpose. You would include how your philosophy would show that you would be a good “fit” for the position, or further education. Nevertheless, you should review it from time to time so that it shows how you are growing professionally. This makes your philosophy a “work in progress.” Have an effective beginning, middle, and end. Use formal language, but make it show your individual uniqueness. Limit your statement to two pages. Use the information presented by the instructor in class to help you get started.

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