mid term exam 2 cause only

there is 2 case only to do i just have one hour an half. you just need to do busniess plan

Format for Group Paper:

I) Executive Summary:

Short (less than one page). Written last, gives an overview of the paper.

II) Product/Service Market Description

: Brief analysis of the market i.e. major competitors,

trends, market share etc. This section should also be brief. Avoid too much repetition of the case


III) Your Analysis:

Your recommendations to resolve the issue from the case. This section

should be extensive, detailed and follow the “4 p’s” of a standard marketing plan.

the first case is :

IV) Budgets and Controls:

How much will it cost to implement your recommendations? Return

on Investment (ROI)? Also, what controls will be put in place to ensure everything is being

first case

1) The solar powered tent by Orange




Please do the Orange Solar tent and not any of the other brands you might see listed. Also, ignore all release dates etc. Our release date is summer 2020.

the scund case

2) In and Out Burger Franchise- In and Out Burger of California has decided to open a small number of New England franchises including one in Vermont.



Great product placement from the Big Lebowski: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUxFTSJwgKs

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