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They are various forms of communication to use when developing projects to present ranging from in person, written and through technology (Huber, 2014). As a nurse leader one would prefer to implement an outreach program in one’s facility by an in-person discussion/meeting. In this meeting one would use verbal and written methodologies to communicate and make important points. This would include brochures, PowerPoints, statistics and written material presented. One could also communicate by phones, emails and podcast views. One strongly feels that the best and most effective way to present an outreach program is by oral, this is a way to meet face to face, present, huddle and evaluate for improvements. Technology could be strategically managing the program by motivating stakeholders to the vision of the program. The vision and format of my program would be completely laid out, explained and show how the community would benefit. The senior manager would most likely approve if both the facility and community both gain benefits from this outreach program. This project would include participation from employees and community members, the planning and preparedness would be a team project to meet mutual goals.

What to consider:(7 ways to communicate, 2008)

1. Formal methods of communication- Announce a small pre-gathering before the formal meeting. This will give members ideas, what to expect and common goals. I feel that this will decrease anxiety, pressure and it will make people feel like they are informed. This will make the formal meeting less overwhelming and members will be open-minded.

2. Phone Calls- This is very common, it’s a way to communicate without traveling to meetings. Many large groups have conference calls, members can voice concerns and be heard by all members present.

3. Email- Includes updates, brochures, posters, news letters and the progress made with statistical data.

Its important to utilize informal communication as well, any means to collaborate and communicate to increase and initiate relationship building among stakeholders and the audience of the presentation (7 ways to communicate, 2008). Informal times would include lunch dates and unit/hospital organizations. A casual environment is also a good place to strike up conversations at work, even though those are considered the leisure part of an external relationship they often form closer relationships. Finally, we would evaluate all steps and meetings. Read feed back from the project to improve and bring more benefits. Listening and reevaluating will bring effectiveness for future projects.


Huber, D. (2014) Leadership and Nursing Care Manager (5th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Saunders Elsevier.

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