Mental retardation Some states use the term, Cognitive Disabilities

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Mental retardation (MR) is one of several areas of disability under IDEA. Typically MR refers to individual students who possess cognitive abilities which are extremely below average (average IQ scores range from 90-110 and MR student cognitive abilities are below 70), and whose adaptive skills are at least 2 years below their same-age peers. Mental retardation (MR) is one of several areas of disability under IDEA. Although IDEA uses the term Mental Retardation, it should be noted that the term has controversy. Many special education associated groups, teachers and parents advocate strongly for the substitution of the term Intellectual Disabilities instead of Mental Retardation. Some states use the term, Cognitive Disabilities. At this time, lawmakers do not consider it a significant issue enough to change the language in the law. 

1)  Research at least 2 websites which give good definitions of MR for both parents and educators.  List the URL address for these websites and share one positive use of each website for parents or educators.

2)  Identify at least two appropriate classroom instruction modifications for MR students and explain their relevance. Use outside resources or websites in order to find the information, and cite them within your response.

3) Discuss your own perception of MR students and their special education needs based on your research for this worksheet.

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