mba level swot analysis for a publicly traded company

This is a SWOT analysis for a MBA class in strategic planning.

6-7 pages plus a SWOT (2×2) index

Min 7 references with APA formatting

MBA level of knowledge is needed

English spelling and grammar as a first language is needed.

100% Origional Work Needed.

Instructions are attached, below, please find some tips.

I have also attached the company’s last financial statement.

  1. Do not forget, your client is the CEO of the company, so telling the client all of the products and what they do is not necessary…they already know.
  2. Use the most recent information concerning the company.
  3. Use the most recent financial information and show off your knowledge by using information from the latest management discussion section of the annual report.
  4. Although it is not a bad idea to review other SWOT analysis, remember your CEO is paying you for your phenomenal abilities to come up with your analysis, do not use someone else’s analysis. This is a strong hint the CEO should not see this or a reference to this…or me. If someone else’s SWOT or other analysis is in the report or used as a reference in your report, your client CEO will return the report for adjustments to reflect your own analysis. (Hint, do not use a SWOT as a reference)
  5. Think organization; use headings and subheadings.
  6. Do not forget to include the 2X2 SWOT matrix table, not a list. Keep in mind if it is in the table, you should have a discussion in the narrative. Conversely, if you mention it in the narrative, it should be found in the table.
  7. Do not get carried away with looking for a thousand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and/or threats. Keep it manageable and hold it to between three and five of each.
  8. Use third person in writing.
  9. Do not use quotes. This is about you showcasing your critical thinking skills.
  10. Check spelling and grammar, remember you are dealing with the C suite. They may be interested in you joining the company one day.
  11. APA formatting of references and in text citations is required. Your client may want to see where you are getting your information.
  12. Your client will be deeply disappointed if there is any indication of cut and paste. Attached outline can be used to your heart’s content.
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