markets and politics report on a house or senate committee hearing

Please see detailed prompt & hearing memo in the attachment !!! These are the three separate sections you should have in this paper:

Find committee heating video here:👉…

The hearing is entitled, “Buyer Beware: Fake and Unsafe Products on Online Marketplaces.”

Section 1: Describe the Hearing: Target: 500 words.

– purpose of the hearing

– describe the ambiance

– introduce expert witnesses

– what’s at stake?

Section 2: Take a Stance: Target: 500 words.

– based on the hearing, choose a stance to defend (from committee/witness, not yourself)

– support position with evidence & analyses

organize thoughts/ideas in paragraph format (body paragraphs)

Section 3: Analyze the Hearing in the Context of Your Rule Proposal: Target: 500 words.

– your role: non market consultant, reporting to boss about how hearing pertains to the proposed rule

– Find the rule here:👉…

– similar to section 2, recommend a stance for your client/firm to accept, revise, or reject the proposed rule (your opinion)

– be sure to defend/support with evidence & analyses

How to cite:

Regarding the hearing, please feel free to cite in the manner of a journalist. For example, use “she said” or “according to” and other similar conventions. APA citations aren’t required for them. However, please use APA citations for the online materials pertaining to the rule proposal.

Regarding Paragraphs:

The most important formatting principle is the separate sections. Within those sections, you can structure your paragraphs in the way that you think is the most effective. However, if the paragraph breaks or the lack of paragraph breaks seem to be impeding the effective communication of your ideas, that’s something that would work against your grade.

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