literature review 415

Using Google Scholar or another academic literature search engine, find one academic article related to the survey that the class will conduct (this will be announced in class).

The survey will be on students’ perceptions on addictive behaviors, such as:

  • Use social media, stream videos, or play video games,
  • Drink caffeine beverages,
  • Drink alcoholic beverages,
  • Vape (smoke e-cigarettes), or
  • Smoke/consume other tobacco products.

Write a 250-500 word discussion forum post that addresses the questions below. After you post, you and other students will be able to read each other’s homework assignments. In this post, you must use APA citation format and include a bibliography/list of references. You must include at least one direct quote (with quotation marks) from the article and one paraphrased quote from the article.

  1. What is the research topic or research question?
  2. How does this article relate to the survey that we will conduct in class?
  3. How does the author(s) define key terms?
  4. What research methods did the author(s) use?
  5. What findings did the author(s) discover or write about?
  6. Describe any potential issues about bias regarding the research design
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