lease evaluation essay

DQR 100 Required Written Assignment


For this assignment, you must review the apartment lease that is in a file in this chapter folder. Your assignment is to read over this lease and identify five clauses that would be a problem for you as the prospective tenant. You will persuade the landlord to change these clauses before you sign the lease. To organize your thinking, you must prepare a formal outline of how you will put your essay together. From this outline, you are to prepare a letter to the landlord that explains in your own words why each of the things you identified is a problem for you. You must identify the clause and detail how you would like to change the items you selected to make the lease acceptable to you.Be aware this is both a letter and an essay in APA formatting, it might feel weird as a letter but we are practicing APA formatting here. You will also be required to include at least one outside source to support one or more of your proposed changes to the lease. Please view the attached rubric on the assignment tab if you would like to maximize your grade and make sure you are not missing/lacking in anything.

Minimum Requirements:

1. APA formatting.

2. Introduction

3. Body

4. Conclusion

5. References

6. At least FIVE clauses to be amended

7. At least ONE outside source cited

8. At least FOUR full pages

9. Outline submitted

You are required to post a formal outline on the lease assignment to this tab. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE GRADE FOR THIS ACTIVITY IS A MEMO NUMBER ONLY. THE OUTLINE GRADE WILL BE PART OF THE ESSAY GRADE SHOWN. The outline has its own due date to push you to complete it well before the full paper, but can be turned in on the essay due date without penalty.

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