leadership in health studies

This assignment requires you to write an academic article about contemporary nursing leadership that could potentially be submitted to a journal for publication. (2800-3000 words) and 12 sources

First you need to choose a suitable journal that you could submit your article to.

Tip – find some published articles on leadership, look at the journals they are published in and choose several you think might be suitable for your article. Then search for the journal home page in Google or a similar search engine and find their author guidelines. For example, the JAN author guidelines can be found here -> https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/13652648/homepage/ForAuthors.html. The author guidelines for every journal include their own specific guidelines / information about the types of articles they publish, referencing requirements, writing style, article length limits etc. Also take careful note of how articles are structured in your chosen journal to gain ideas for how you might structure your own article. Your article must have (as per the rubric) an introduction discussion and conclusion as minimum but you can use the journal guidelines to help you structure your paper as well.

You can write about contemporary nursing leadership in any way you like – but your topic must not be too broad. You need to choose a specific issue that you want to explore in more depth.

The key to a good article or discussion paper is not to just describe what a leader is or describe different types of leaders but to critically discuss the impact of contemporary leadership in a particular context.

For example – you might start with one of the following premises/questions to build your paper around or you can think of your own:

How can nursing leadership impact staff well-being and retention?
What are the keys to good leadership and how is good leadership measured?

The references/sources you should use in this paper should be a total of at least 10 that are not older than ten (10) years unless the age of the article is justified.

Please remember:

NO abstract is required (even if the journal asks for one)

Your referencing style must follow the referencing style required by the journal you selected – please attached a copy of the referencing requirements of your chosen journal to your assignment – as an appendix or provide a URL to the information.

Before you upload the assignment please be sure that you carefully read the marking rubric for assignment 4 to ensure you have addressed the assignment requirements.

Remember – this assessment is not a literature review – instead it is a scholarly academic paper. In other words – it is a critical discussion paper about a particular topic.

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