Instruction: Write 3 pages (singe space) of report including the following contacts

Question Description

1.Career Goal

Describe your career goals and identify four potential future employers.

2.Personal Epidemiology

Describe a death of your important person (e.g. family, friend, and other) from Epidemiologic point of views.

a.Deceased person (e.g. relationship to you, age, sex, race, city/state)

b.Cause of death (e.g. name of disease or injury)

c.National statistics (e.g. mortality, morbidity, incidence or prevalence rates, healthcare cost)

d.Population at risk (e.g. demographics, cluster)

e.Determinants (e.g. environment, social, behavioral, and risk factors)

f.Preventions and promotion (e.g. how to reduce the risk)

3.Professional Epidemiology

Search and read at least two articles that show applications of Epidemiology in the field of your emphasis or future professional career

References (APH style)

Summarize usefulness of Epidemiology in your field

How you want to apply Epidemiology in your future profession.

4.Public Health Competency

Evaluate your public health professional competencies based on the following sills.Create a radar chart (Ratings: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Good, 3 = Average, 2 = Fare, 1 = Poor) using Excel and then discuss strategic plans to improve each weakness.

a.Analytical/Assessment Skills

b.Policy Development/Program Planning Skills

c.Oral and Written Communication Skills

d.Cultural Competency Skills

e.Community Dimensions of Practice Skills

f.Public Health Sciences Skills

g.Financial Planning and Management Skills

h.Leadership and Systems Thinking Skills

5.Professional Development

Exercise job hunting skills

a.Make an appointment(s) with at least one out of the three potential your employers you identified earlier for a face-to-face or phone conversation .

b.Ask the them what kinds of skills are essential in their job settings and common weaknesses among fresh graduates.

c.Ask them if they use epidemiologic data, approaches, or concepts to address health concerns.Ask examples.

d.Ask them challenges and opportunities in their careers.

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