IBM in the international marketplace, business and finance

Question Description

This assignment is twofold. Address each part individual:ly in APA format.

Part 1- Review the WSJ video on business sources outsourcing (BPO) and conduct a brief search for updated information. Then, answer the following:

  1. Did Tata’s choice of a different generic strategy than that of InfoSys result in better flexibility when global BPO industry forces changed?
  2. Does IBM’s (a knowledge-intensive differentiator) re-entry into the low-end (high-efficiency) BPO global market not break the “pursue only one generic strategy” rule?

Part 2 – Final project research proposal (IBM- is the company that has been chosen) which is focused on creating a global strategic analysis that provides a strategic plan for the internationalization of a company. You’ll be choosing an international publicly held company and conducting a strategic analysis on that company in a variety of areas as if you were a consultant hired by the company. For the final project due at the end of the course, you will submit a thorough analysis of the corporate management based on your research throughout this course. You will be providing a full report with recommendations to the executive team of the company to enhance the existing strategic management plans. Since this is a capstone course, this final project is an authentic demonstration of the competencies you have learned by applying the concepts and tools for corporate-level global strategic planning. For this week’s assignment, though, all you are doing is submitting your research proposal that is 2-3 pages in length explaining the company chosen and outlining what you will be covering in the full strategic analysis throughout each final project course milestone. Use this as an opportunity to get a head start on your research by creating a brief overview of your plan and what you will be analyzing within the company and the industry. Make sure you include in your research proposal:

  • Corporate overview (basic description of MNE, its operations, market position, leadership, etc.)
  • Financial performance overview (briefly review revenues, net income, profit ratios, balance sheet, equity trends)
  • Business segments (divisions or SBUs [strategic business units] with performance contributions)
  • Subsidiary/parent-child structure (corporate hierarchy with performance contributions)
  • Geographic segmentation (current with performance contribution)
  • Recent strategic initiatives/stated strategic objective
  • Important negative events or challenges
  • Domestic/foreign industry summary (includes industry name and the primary and secondary NAICS and SIC codes)
  • Brief key competitors overview (minimum two domestic and two foreign, using salient aspects listed above)
  • Reason for your interest in the MNE
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