Human Services Foundational Knowledge

Question Description

Review the case study, “Susan and Ted,” on pages 123–125 of your An Introduction to Human Services text. Pick a client from the case and analyze the case based on the areas identified below:

Part 1: Models of Service Delivery (3–5 pages)

Provide a summary of the case and the main issues that are present. What professional competencies might you need to address the issues that you have identified? Do you have sufficient data to make a competent decision? Address how you would work with the client using the Human Service Delivery Model described in the An Introduction to Human Services text. Your work should address the services that might be provided by professionals who practice the medical model, the public health model and the human services model. How can a human services professional facilitate the interaction of all three models in revolving the problems presented to your selected client?

Part 2: Professional Competencies (3–5 pages)

Analyze the case based on the strengths or weaknesses you identified through your self-assessments. Which particular tools or self-assessments used in the program did you find the most helpful and why? Analyze how your results might impact your work with your selected client. Given what you know about yourself and the case and the client, is it possible to remain neutral? Explain your answer and provide an analysis of what you would recommend. Address any ethical or cultural concerns that might present when working with your selected client. What personal issues, values, or biases might become concerns for you? How might you address these for yourself, so that you can function productively as a helping professional?

Part 3: Effective Helping Relationships (3–5 pages)

Pick two of the values discussed in the readings (Chapter 6, An Introduction to Human Services) that guide practice and address how they would guide your work with this case. In your analysis, clearly present your rationale for picking the values you have chosen. Develop a visual to illustrate your decision-making process on the value set.


  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to the current APA style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: Your work should be supported by at least five references

Attached is the case study

Self Assesment results -After completing the self assessment, I have concluded that my beliefs of human services is going in the right direction. Having an open mind and being cultural awareness is very important in this field. Because the human service fields has a wide variety of different population it is essential to become cultural awareness and have cultural competence when working in this field. However, when it comes to these issues being able to be ethnical in situations is very important. This assessment also help me realized that ethnical and law maybe an issue that may occur in the future as a human service professional.

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