HP Strategies & Tactics

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The presentation is attached below to review.

Students will then choose one presentation (other than their own) to focus their review on. The review will describe the selected campaign, discuss campaign achievements, assess health promotion methods used and analyze if the selected methods are appropriate for each audience level. Lastly, students will identify and discuss an aspect of each campaign and its connection to the health communication campaign model; social marketing techniques; and/or advocacy concepts. 

One discussion board post required (no peer response posts needed). Use the bulleted outline to help you organize your responses. Address each of the aspects below for full credit.

Describe the campaign you chose to review and why you were interested in learning more about this campaign.

What were/are two of the campaign outcomes (achievements/success) connected to the campaign goals/objectives included in the presentation? Describe. If the campaign outcomes were not included, research the outcomes. Were you able to locate any? Describe.

Looking at three different audience levels in the presentation (for example, individual, organizational, community) locate and share one health promotion method utilized for each level (three total).  If the presentation does not describe one for each level, source an additional method from the CDC website and describe.

Discuss and describe why the method may, or may not be, the best for that specific audience level. Use your text or additional source to support your reasoning.

Discuss and explain one other aspect of the campaign that is connected to steps of the health communication campaign model; social marketing techniques and/or advocacy concepts. Review Chapters 4, 5, 13 and 14 to help you.

As with other discussion board posts, APA citations and references are required. View the rubric description in BB week four.


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