How describe measurement of a thesis project?

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week 3 notes

As I continue down the path of “no surprises” in Master’s level writing expectations, I encourage you to go back to the live chats and focus on the analytical writing items on the chart.

Why does Dr. Harwood push us to write analytically?? 
Great question—glad you asked!! Cutting and pasting work from a source is not a skill in graduate-level skill. Read and repeat is not a graduate level skill. Using references from websites that are not peer-reviewed literature or written by subject matter experts (thus you need to know who wrote the article)—is not a graduate level skill. So let me add clarity to what this process. 

Teachable Moment 1: Finding 2 or 3 references per topic and writing about the trend you see in the writing; using one reference to argue the validity of another; developing the case for the point you are making by following the items in the “critical writing” column—these are examples of graduate level writing—-This is also the key to writing great project plans during the various scenario risk mitigation phases—the rationale for scoping the project or analyzing the probability theories and data. 

Teachable Moment 2: If you only write what the syllabus question says then you have met the minimum requirements of the paper—translation a “C” at best. It is key that you look at the rubric (posted in the assignment materials)—this is what we as faculty use to guide our marking of your paper. 

Teachable Moment 3: Just as my coaching posts are frequent and help clarify expectations….. my grading feedback is a combination of evaluation and coaching. Why? To give you examples of how to improve your work!! If you are chasing a grade versus increasing depth of learning—I would suggest at this point in your career—you are chasing the wrong outcome. 

Teachable Moment 4: Before you tell me you are an “A” student and I am the only professor who has these high expectations or who has ever not “given” you an “A”—ok I believe you. Before you tell me that you worked hard on the assignment paper and deserve an “A”—I will believe you worked hard on the assignment…but just as in project — activity that does not align with expected results does not lead to project success—graduate level expectations as I will continue to reinforce and as outlined in scoring the rubric does yield higher scores. 

NOTE: In 20 years as a consultant to large corporations, government agencies, start-up ventures, and leadership/ management coaching…no one has ever hired me because of my GPA—actually no one has ever even asked about my grades—they hire me because of my skills, knowledge, abilities, capabilities, and results …..and if they believe I can have value to their organization or personal career. 

NOTE: Proactive questions either in the forums are key if you are not clear. I am always happy to clarify the “hows” and “whys”.

Assignment Details

The document should explain how the data are to be used, how they support measuring the current status of the issue, and the end condition of the issue once it is resolved. The document should include analysis and synthesis of the data found in your secondary sources from the database. Additionally, you will need to discuss the findings in detail.

The design of your research should now be completed, and you are ready to identify the data that were collected in support of the issue. This is a key step in the research process and should result in meaningful, measurable, and useful information that you will use for the purpose of synthesizing your data to align with your research outcomes. Proper execution of your research plan will play a large role in the success of your project.

For this assignment, you will continue your work on the project with the data analysis phase. You will also discuss the research findings in detail.

The project deliverables are as follows:

  • Update the Management Research document title page with the new date and project name.
  • Update previously completed sections based on instructor fego in chapter 3edback.
  • Week 3 tbd goes firdt
  • New Content (Week 3)
    • Data Collection
      • Identification of the data needed
      • Identify how the data will be collected for the before and the after solution states
      • Synthesis of data
    • Research Analysis and Synthesis Methods
      • Discuss analysis and synthesis of measurement results
      • Discuss findings of the measurement results

update the paper as the instructor’s comments

The purpose for the headers required in the syllabus is to “hold an open place” for the follow on chapters

the paper is similar to a thesis pqper must be an A

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