Health Care Problem Analysis Proposal

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Prepare a health care problem analysis proposal in outline format (3-10 pages) on a current, relevant health care problem. Include the rationale for selecting the problem, a description of the how the problem is assessed and measured for quality improvement purposes, a proposed industry measure of performance, action steps for completing the project, and a description of the applicable leadership competencies.

You will have an opportunity to select a health care problem that is relevant to your career interests and one that adds value to a current or future health care organization. By the end of the course, you will be drawing from current scholarly and/or authoritative sources to provide evidence-based recommendations to solve the problem.


For this assessment, you will construct a capstone health care problem analysis proposal on your selected topic. You may wish to envision your current or future workplace as the potential site for presentation of the proposal. After your proposal is constructed, you will receive feedback from your faculty member. Later in the course, in a separate assessment, you will receive feedback from a practicing professional about the proposed approach to analyze data relating to the problem.

The requirement for this assessment is to produce a proposal that has clear section headings and contains a flow of logic. You may opt to use an outline format. Please avoid lengthy narrative paragraphs, as the proposal is intended to be presented in an imaginary workplace. Busy executives will not have time to read paragraphs word for word. Instead, expect that your audience will read the document by scanning. Your goal is to provide succinct yet substantive information with sufficient depth to cover your selected problem. Remember to include a cover page, table of contents, section headings, and reference list. The length of the proposal is based upon the breadth and depth of your selected topic.

The following general steps in construction of your proposal contain additional specific information requirements.

  • Step 1: Identify a relevant problem along with the associated rationale for the selection of the problem. Be sure to substantiate content with an authoritative source.
    • State the problem in a single sentence, tell why it is a problem, and add a citation from a current, authoritative source. For example: Condition X if not addressed may result in Consequence Y (source, year).
  • Step 2: Describe, using an authoritative source, how the selected health care problem is assessed and measured for quality improvement purposes. Include relevant factors and associated units of measurement.
    • Select six current authoritative sources that apply to your selected problem. You may consider your problem from an industry, organization, or specific professional level. Be sure to include any industry standards, legal, and ethical considerations that relate to your problem.
    • Summarize each of the six sources in a succinct sentence or two. Explain how each source directly relates to the problem. Be sure to add an APA formatted citation for each.
  • Step 3: Propose an industry measure of performance, such as a benchmark, which pertains to the type of organization selected for problem analysis.
    • State the major factors or performance indicators that directly relate to your problem.
    • Assign a unit of measurement to each factor (days, dollars, percentage, et cetera.)
    • Identify the authoritative source(s) used to determine the major factors you selected that relate to the problem.
    • Identify which industry assessment tool or framework you will use to analyze the problem.
  • Step 4: Provide a bulleted list of the preliminary action plan steps to complete the capstone health care problem analysis project. Examples include: conduct library search, formulate problem statement, identify factors and units of measure, and so on.
  • Step 5: Describe one competency from each of the five American College of Healthcare Executives’ (ACHE) domains that relate to your capstone health care problem analysis proposal.
    • Review the ACHE competency model:
    • Provide a short statement about how you practice one competency within each of the five ACHE domains. Consider including a table such as the following within your outline. Note: You have been provided with one example of how you might complete this for one competency within one domain. You will need to complete the entire table—one competency within each of the five domains.
ACHE DomainACHE Competency SelectedHow This Competency Relates to the Capstone Health Care Problem Analysis Proposal
Communication and Relationship Management
Knowledge of the Healthcare EnvironmentHealthcare Systems and OrganizationsI chose health care systems and organizations because the capstone project will require me to develop skills in identifying substantive problems that the health care industry needs to address. It will also require me to develop skills in working to resolve a substantive problem within a health care organization.
Business Skills and Knowledge

Reminder: You will condense and use the material from your outline in your final PowerPoint presentation in the fourth course assessment.


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