HCS465 UOPX The Development of Patient Safety Culture

Question Description

Article: Stavrianopoulos, T. (2012). The development of patient safety culture. Health Science Journal, 6(2), 201. Retrieved from: UoP library

Define the problem –

2. Identify the purpose. –

3. What are the study variables?

4. Identify the research question and/or hypothesis.

5. Research Methodology, Design, and Analyses

6. Findings

7. Conclusion

8. Cite the peer-reviewed article you selected for this assignment.

Format your reference section and references used in your prompts according to APA guidelines.

. In the team forum, discuss the research study and different steps or components addressed in the study.

Complete the Questions to Prompt Critical Thinking worksheet. Please do not use direct quotes. All responses must be in your own words.

NB : Please pay close attention to question 3. What are the study variables? and

4. Identify the research question and/or hypothesis. to discuss in detail.

Thank you.

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