goal setting assignment 2

This assignment involves collecting information from multiple chapters and putting the information together into a personalized plan for your overall health! You will be required to write a paper that includes the following:

– Go to the National Institute of Health BMI calculation website listed in the “Links” portion of the Unit 2 page. Complete your BMI calculation. Measure your waist circumference in inches (with only light clothing on). How do your calculations fit into the healthy recommendations described in Ch. 6? Are you surprised at all by your measurements? Do you believe your BMI is an accurate description of your overall health?

– Calculate your Target Heart Rate Zone to determine what level of intensity you should exercise at to achieve your goals. Please refer to your lecture notes and Unit 2 resources to determine how to calculate this. Make sure you include the recommended parameters of exercise intensity based on the information in Chapter 3.

– Develop a goal for your overall health/fitness that follows the “SMART” goal-setting recommendations. You must address each of the five areas of the SMART acronym in describing your goal to me. Why are you setting this goal? What is your desired outcome? What importance does it have to you? (Contact me if you do not understand any of the five portions of the acronym).

– Tell me how you will apply the FITT principle to your workouts. Some of you may want to work on your hamstring flexibility, others may be trying to achieve greater power in your vertical jumps, etc… Your FITT descriptions should be specific to your individual goal. You must describe to me what the optimal frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercise would be relative to your fitness objectives. Do not simply state that your are going to do strength training 2-3 days per week. Tell me what exercises you will do in the gym (bench press, plyometrics, lower body machines) for what muscle groups (quadriceps, biceps). How can you progress your FITT plan over the next few weeks/months to make improvements toward your goal?

– This is your chance to set a REAL plan for yourself, whether you are a high-level athlete or an inactive person, please take this assignment seriously and reflect on what you specifically want to work on for your own physical fitness.


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