geriatric nutrition; nutritional issues in older adult

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This paper will serve as a basic model to help you research and write your own term paper. By following the steps outlined in this model, you should be able to write an effective paper. 2000 word minimum –

I will only accept it if it submitted through Turnitin


I. Introduce the paper. I suggest that you pick an area which is of some interest to you regarding some stage of life and how nutrition can impact it.

II. Choose a topic for the paper

Choose a topic that is of interest to you – if is not interesting to you how will convince others that its worth the time to read.

III. Choose at least three sources. . Finding appropriate sources for your research paper will be a major concern.

b. Use a minimum of 3 peer reviewed articles of original research from medical journals.

c.. For our purpose, please do not use cyber sources unless the entire research paper is available on line– although they are permissible in other term papers you will write

d. You must find, read and comprehend at least 3 sources that must be appropriate to your topic

  • Take notes on your sources-
    • you may want to use index cards to organize your thoughts
    • Place complete bibliographic information on each card and write the citation or idea you want to use
    • After you write your outline, you will arrange and number the cards to help organize your thoughts
  • Write an outline
    • You outline is your plan of attack—helps you keep track of your paper
  • Write an introduction.
    • “Tell me what your going to tell me”-
    • Clearly identify and define your topic.
    • This introduction should intrigue and interest your reader. It should make the reader want to read your paper
  • Write the body of your paper.
    • Tell me what you want to tell me”
    • Defend your statements
    • Use your sources as support of your arguments.
    • Citations, Citations, Citations

VIII. Document your paper. Footnoting or End-noting

a. Parenthetical documentation.- author and page on bottom of page or at the end before the bibliography

b. Consult reference works.

c. Document, Document, Document

IX. Write a conclusion

a. “Tell me what you told me”-

b. AND- what have you come to believe is true based on your research

X. Write a bibliography.


Last Name, First Name. Title in Italics or BoldCity where published: Publisher, Year published. (note punctuation and indent)

Sorenson, Sharon. The Research Paper. New York: Amsco School Publications, Inc.,



Last, Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Name of Periodical in Italics or Bold. Date of the Issue: pages numbers of the article. (note punctuation and indent)

Starr, Mark and Karen Springen. “Caught Speeding.” Newsweek. July 29, 1996:



Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Name of Medium. City of Source Material: Production Company: Year. (note punctuation and indent)

Ziemke, Earl F. “World War II.” Microsoft Encarta ‘95. Redmon, Washington:

Microsoft Corporation: 1994.

Electronic sources;

**Last Name, First name. “Title of Article.” Name of Electronic Source. Electronic Medium. Year Published. Name of Network. Date Accessed.

Snyder, Louis L. “World War II.” Academic American Encyclopedia (Electronic

Version), Grolier, Inc. 1996. American On Line. September 16, 1996.


Last Name, First Name (if available). “Title/Keywords.” Website Address. Date Accessed.

Gmoser, Stegan. “The Work and Life of Edgar Allan Poe.” .

September 6, 1997.

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