Foundational Information In Health Informatics

Module 3.2: Health Informatics Focus Areas

· Module 3.2 Learning Resources 


· Nelson, R., & Staggers, N. (2018). Health informatics: An interprofessional approach (2nd ed.). St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier. 

o Chapter 21 Improving the User Experience for Health Information Technology

o Chapter 22 Informatics-related Standards and Standards-setting Organizations

o Chapter 23 Data Science and Analytics in Healthcare

o Chapter 24 Patient Safety and Quality Initiatives in Health Informatics

· McCarthy, K. (2014). Why interoperability is important for patient outcomes. Retrieved from: 

· Sweeney, J. (2017). Healthcare informatics. Retrieved from:

· American Medical Informatics Association (

· Berg, G. (2015). 3 Ways big data is improving healthcare analytics. Retrieved from: 

Module 3.2 Activity 

This Learning Activity will help you t

This Learning Activity will help you to develop skills and knowledge that you will need for the Competency Assessments. It is highly recommended that you complete this optional activity.

Health Informatics Focus Area

The American Medical Informatics Association categorizes informatics into five areas:

2. Translational Bioinformatics

3. Clinical Research Informatics

4. Clinical Informatics

5. Consumer Health Informatics

6. Public Health Informatics

Choose two of the above areas and:

  • Analyze (compare) two definitions for each focus area.
  • Analyze the importance of each focus area in health care today.
  • Identify and describe a hot topic related to each focus area.
  • Describe a scholarly website for each focus area.

Include a minimum of four scholarly resources to support your statements.

Provide current creditable sources supporting your statements.

Prepare this paper according to current APA guidelines.

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