Final Submission: Integration of three parts

Question Description

Integration of all three parts, Milestones 1,2,3. Plus: Appropiate tables or figures, Qualitative factors that have being on the conclusion. Discussion on how the research can be applied to other questions faced in personal, professional and governamental spheres.See the Rubrics closely.

The following Professor suggestions and comments would help on the integration of the three milestones. Those coments are paramount.

1- One suggestion that I have at this point is in regard to this statement:

In this regard, the annual estimate for the amount of oil released into the sewer system has been calculated taking into account that the release in 2017 had been of 10,827,292 and that it would continue to decrease by 35.7%. The resulting estimate is of approximately 700,000 gallons of oil.

It would be very beneficial to value the biodiesel equivalent of 700,000 gallons of oil. That provides a powerful commentary on what is being lost.

2-Theory and statistical treatment each need to be addressed. At this juncture, theory is the more important concern. You need to incorporate a symbolic treatment of your hypothesis, which includes all data points to be considered, along with a statistical discussion of issues like colinearity among variable which might appear, a priori, evident. There are some areas which need to be edited to provide for complete sentences.

3-I suggest that you do not mention my role, as a supervisor, as your desire here is to presence your own research expertise and capability, and so we do not want you to include this behind-the-scenes assistance that you have. 

The bigger problem is that you need to articulate the items developed in previous modules. These are (a) the mathematically-stated hypothesis that you intend to test, and your initial expectations regarding results of this testing, and (b) a review of relevant literature where previous research has treated this or related issues.

4-I am going to ask you to supplement what you have presented here with a word document which explains and presents the data analyses that you have included in your excel document. Please interpret your results, including your regression results. Also briefly explain the methodology being used to regress one variable upon another, and the relationship between variables that you are using this to establish. You were too concise 🙂 – you presented your data but did not provide a verbal interpretation of what you see the data as communicating, given the tests that you ran. You need to talk about how this does or does not support your hypothesis. Remember that your reference point should be the testing of a hypothesis, which you have presented as a symbolic statement. I don’t believe that I have seen this as yet. This was something that I noted in one of our first discussions. You need to provide a verbal bridge between the data that you offer here, and the overall hypothesis that you are investigating. Make sure that, in your final work, you include supporting references and a literature review.

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