economics and health care policy

Compose a thorough response to the topic in 2-3 paragraphs for each . Responses must be substantiated with scholarly references. In text citation is mandatory.

1-Define the Triple Aim Initiatives. Select one of the following key market force concepts (Value Based Purchasing (VBP), Value Based Care (VBC), Meaningful Use (MU), Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Bundled Care Payments Initiatives (BCPI). Define the market force concept of interest to you? What is the concept and what are the goals of the concept? What populations are covered under the concept? Discuss why nurse leaders should care about the concept. What are the implications of this concept in advancing the Triple Aim initiatives?

2-The U.S. health system has been described as high on cost, unequal in access, and average in outcome. The way the U.S. spends healthcare dollars has also been described as wasteful and inefficient. What are some factors that contribute to rising healthcare costs? What is the role of government and nurse leaders in controlling health care costs? What are the policy implications of uncontrolled growth in health care spending for federal, state, and local governments? What types of programs will not receive funding when health care consumes a large percentage of federal expenditures?

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