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The role of health education in health promotion is to empower the individual through education. So that, that person can use that knowledgeto make informed choices and decisionsregarding their own personal health for the better. This allows the individual to become autonomous, giving thepersonfreedom to make their own choicesgiving back control regarding their own health and well being.

A health promotion plan looks beyond the client to the family and the community because the client does not exist in isolation. The health promotion plan focuses on achieving wellness and, along with the client, determines the activities that are necessary to achieve optimum health. The plan examines the client s vulnerability to health imbalance, assesses client weaknesses and strengths, and determines potential for illness. The client participation in the planning process is essential if the goals of the plan are to be attained. It is also important for the nurse to have an understanding of the motivation for human behavior and for changing health behaviors. The successful health promotion plan identifies the interactions among all of the factors that influence the health of the individual (Pender, Murdaugh, & Parsons, 2006). Development of a health promotion plan involves collection of assessment data, recognition of resources, supports, and constraints or barriers to the achievement of goals, identification of outcome measures, planning/implementation, and evaluation phases.

A contemporary issue that a family might experience today is gun control. Nurses should take the time to ask questions regarding gun safety and provide education in order to help families create safe environments within the home.


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