discussion board question colonial life

After learning about source analysis in the video lesson on the Rise of Slavery Weebly page, analyze the last two Virginia laws listed. (See the link to the Digital History site that contains the 4 Virginia slave laws. Hint: read the background information at the top before reading the 4 laws listed and before listening to the video lesson.)

Pick either the 1668 law or the 1669 law, and then post a paragraph in which you explain the law’s meaning and significance (in your own words). You can quote the law, but also be sure to explain its meaning and significance in your own words. (See examples of how to analyze the laws in the above video.)
The Discussion Board post should be about 5-6 sentences in length. If you write more concisely, then you might be able to write less. If you are a bit wordier, then you might need it to be longer.

Student must post thread to view other student posts.

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