Course Project topic proposal

Question Description

This week your Course Project topic proposal is due. Below are the guidelines for this proposal:

  • Your proposal should be about a page in length, double-spaced. Include an APA-formatted title page.
  • Choose from one of the four topic scenarios provided in the Course Project description under Course Home.
  • Explain which topic scenario you selected, why you chose it, and why this topic is important to the study of cultural diversity.
  • Briefly discuss what you expect to find (or what you would be interested in learning through your research) and how you intend to go about your research.

1) You have been asked to look into a company’s promotion policy. Maria, an African-American woman, has filed a complaint that she was unfairly eliminated for consideration for a promotion. She holds a graduate degree, has been with the company for 10 years and in her current position for 7. Alex, the person who received the promotion, is an Anglo, also has a graduate degree, but has less time either with the company or in the position. He is, however, considered to be an “up and comer” and has better job evaluations than Maria. Maria points out that she is the only person of color and the only woman in the department. She claims that her lower evaluations reflect a built-in bias on the part of her White male supervisors.. She alleges that the company is engaging in discriminatory practices.

The company argues that Maria is a good employee but is often loud and aggressive in her approach to co-workers and supervisors, and has had some problems with attendance and tardiness. She has been counseled twice by her supervisor for tardiness, and once for absence. Both times she cited family problems as reasons.

Are there indications of structural or individual discrimination involved or prejudicial attitudes? Is there any indication that Maria was unfairly treated?  Regardless of your findings, come up with a plan to avoid this sort of thing from happening again.

2) Islam is a highly controversial and sensitive issue in today’s world, and there are many misconceptions about its beliefs, values, and goals. For example, many Americans believe that most Muslims live in the Middle East, while in reality Indonesia has many more people of the Islamic faith. What this means is that Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, is practiced in many different cultures, and it both shapes and is shaped by those cultures.

For this assignment, spend a minimal amount of time writing about the religion itself.  From there, examine what happens in the workplace (such as discrimination), OR consider how you may need to accommodate Muslim patients in a hospital.  Either of those two approaches will help you stay on track with your research.  

3) Same-sex marriage is a relevant and recent topic, and one that is now becoming a workplace issue as well as a religious and a legal issue.  What are the current laws regarding same-sex marriage?  Moreover, what are the legal benefits of marriage that cohabiting or domestic partnership arrangements do not offer?  How are these benefits (or lack of benefits) present in today’s workplace? 

For example, what are some issues related to health insurance, mortgage and retirement plans, that differ for marriage versus cohabitation?  How have the laws related to these issues changed in recent years, making the legality of marriage desirable for same-sex couples? 

4) Lateral Violence is a relevant topic in nursing today.  What is lateral violence, and what are the cultural implications of this phenomenon?  To investigate this topic, you will need to first show that nursing is a culture unto its own.  What are material and non-material aspects of nursing culture?  Are there subcultures?  Which nursing populations(s) would represent a dominant group, and who are the minorities?

What are some proposed solutions to lateral violence?  Are these proposals feasible? 

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