contemporary and Emerging Threats

Question Description

For the capstone project of this course, you need to consider homeland security not just within the scope of terrorism but across the full spectrum as a metadiscipline. Here, you are to explore the security of the United States in every regard. Is the greatest risk terrorism? economic collapse? other nations becoming financially superior? failure of America’s domestic infrastructure? other nations developing superior militaries? internal domestic terrorism?

In this assignment, you will complete an analysis memo that provides a situation report of the nation’s greatest risks and threats, a prioritization of the level of threat they pose to the United States, and recommended strategies to address them. For each threat or risk you identify, be sure to support with cited research why it poses a risk or threat to the United States and what the consequences of the risk or threat being realized (i.e., if it actually happens) would be.

Consider all that has been discussed within this course and your previous course work. To complete this assignment, use the course materials, course articles, library, and Web resources as well as your own research. Your analysis memo should be 1,500–2,500 words.

Once you have submitted your analysis memo by the assignment due date, the instructor will review your work and provide feedback. For the Phase 5 Individual Project, you will apply the feedback provided by your instructor by making the recommended changes and submitting the final draft of your memo.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Using the course materials, course articles, library, and Web resources, determine the direction in which you will take while writing your memo and then conduct your research accordingly.
  • In 1,500–2,500 words, address the following 6 topics and the threats they pose to the United States:
    • International terrorist attacks
    • Domestic terrorist attacks
    • Economic collapse
    • Failure of critical infrastructure
    • Financial stability and growth of other nations
    • Other nations’ military powers
  • For each of the above 6 topics, use the following questions to help guide you in your threat analysis:
    • What vulnerabilities or risks currently exist? Explain.
    • What serious threats does the United States face? Explain.
    • How significant are the threats posed compared to the other 5 topics? Why?
      • Based on your research, would you consider the threats as relatively low or high priority? Explain.
    • What would be the impact if a significant event were to occur? Consider the impact on the following:
      • Government stability
      • Social stability
      • Crime rates and types
      • Ecological damage
      • Human casualties
      • International relations
      • Long-term impacts
    • What do you propose as a solution for alleviating these risks and preventing a significant event from occurring?
      • Why will this solution be effective? Explain.
      • How long will it take until significant positive results are realized? Why?
      • What difficulties might arise when implementing your solution? Explain.
  • All information within your analysis memo must be fully supported by scholarly or credible academic sources.
  • All sources must be referenced using APA style.
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