Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution Tactics to AvoidArticle: the article above and answer the following questions:1. Which of the 10 tactics described in the article have you witnessed the most in conflicts you have experienced? Describe the tactics and why they are not helpful in conflict resolution.2. Identify at least one of the 10 tactics described in the article that you engage in the most (meaning you engaged in these tactics on your end of the conflict). Define this tactic and describe why it is not helpful in conflict resolution.3. List one example for how EACH of the 10 tactics to avoid would look in an active conflict. Ex: Overgeneralizing – I address my coworker for ALWAYS showing up late for shift report.4. For EACH of the 10 tactics to avoid, describe a better strategy you could use to avoid exacerbating a conflict. Ex: Overgeneralizing – I would specifically address my coworker on the 3 recent times he/she was late for shift report without saying ALWAYS.5. Choose one of the 10 tactics to avoid and describe how you would handle someone who is using that tactic on you during a conflict.

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