concepts of business 5

Review the uploaded reading material on marketing, including product, price, promotion, and distribution (pp. 358-384).

Watch the the documentary, “The Persuaders.”

Here’s the link:

Respond to the discussion question with a minimum of 350 words and 2 scholarly sources, which can be the uploaded book Ferrell, O. C., Hirt, G. & Ferrell, L. (2014). Business: A Changing World. Tata McGraw-Hill Education and the linked video.

Here’s the discussion question

Discuss how the film helps (or doesn’t help) create a better understanding of marketing. Be specific about how and whether the content in the film is related to the different elements of the marketing mix of product, price, promotion, and distribution. Also be specific about which parts, if any, of the 15 year old are film are still relevant and which parts, if any, have become outdated.

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