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Part 1 (NE COMP)

Create a newsletter using Microsoft Word.You are a member of a charity, and you are tasked monthly to create a newsletter in which you post current events and information related to the charity. The charity can be a real or imagined charity.This assignment will use a table to create the structure of the newsletter.Please read through the remaining directions and information

NOTE: No templates are to be used for this assignment

1. Change the margins of the document to narrow (.5 inch top, bottom, left and right).

2. You will have a title at the top of the newsletter.You can put in Charity News as the title or create your own title related to the charity.Change the title to be centered and heading one style. Change font color and font name of the title from what is set by default. Font size should be 48 size font.

3.Below the title, you will create a 2 column by 3 row table.In each row, you will have a picture or image in one cell and a brief write up of an event or news you want to share about the charity in the other cell in the row.Adjust the size of the images, so the newsletter fills the page to look like a newsletter.

4. Ensure the table is centered on the page by selecting the table and using the center button. It is optional if you would like to change cell shading in any of the cells of the table.

5.Below the table, put in the words POC Information, your name, any email and phone number.This should all be centered.(POC stands for Point of Contact.)

6.The newsletter will be one page in length.

Part 2

Create a PowerPoint presentation on a topic of your choice. It can be on your hobbies, work, or anything you feel passionate about. Each presentation should contain the following:

Five slides

First slide should be the title of the presentation and your name

A title on each slide which is centered


A Design theme

Bullet points on at least two slides

A Design theme

An image on at least one slide

One slide transition applied to all slides

Slide notes in slide 1 include last name and GID number

Slide notes to provide more information for slides 2 through 5

Part 3

In this assignment, you will create a spreadsheet for a business that is providing classes in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.The owner wants to look at sales by class and month for the second quarter of the year and calculate monthly profit on the classes as well as by type of class.Open a spreadsheet and do the following:

Merge cells B1 through D1 and type Software Sales in all caps.Center this in the merged cells. Bold the text as well.

In cell B2, type Apr.In cell C2, type May.In cell D2, type Jun.Center these in their cells and make them bold.

In A3, type Word.In A4, type Excel.In A5, type PowerPoint.These should all be bold as well.

Type in some numbers to represent the sales of each class for each month.Each number should be different.Make sure they all have a dollar sign. You need to do this by formatting the cells as currency with no decimal places.

In A7, type Sales and make it bold and in italics.In cell E2 type Sales and make it bold and in italics

Using the SUM function, calculate the total sales for each month.These results should be in cells B7, C7, and D7.

Using the SUM function, calculate the total sales for each class.These results should be in cells E3, E4, and E5.

In A8, type Average Sales in bold and italics. Best fit column A so the words PowerPoint and Average Sales display fully.

Using the average function, find the average sales for each month.These results should be in cells B8, C8, and D8.

In A9, type Total Profit in bold and italics.

In E9, determine the total profit.Fill this cell with a different color so that it stands out.

In cell A12 enter your first and last name. In cell A13 enter your GIDnumber.

Save your spreadsheet with the filename LastNameWeek6_GIDnumber and upload it in the assignment area.

Part 4


This week you will continue to work with the scenario from last week.The owner thinks it will be easier to look at sales and profits if charts are used.The owner also wants to identify the Class which was not creating as much revenue as the others.

Use your spreadsheet from last week.If you did not calculate the sales in column E within the spreadsheet, fill in that column with numbers.

Create a column chart of the monthly sales based on class. Select the range A2:D5 to create the graph.

The months should display in the legend.

Give the chart a title of Monthly Sales.

Give the vertical, y-axis a title of Sales in $.Give the horizontal x axis a title of Months.

Create a pie chart showing the profit for the month of April for all three classes

Give the chart a title of April’s Sales.

The legend should display the three class names.

Create a line chart of monthly sales based on class. Select the range the same range that you used for the column chart.

Give the chart a title of Monthly Sales.

Give the y-axis a title of Sales in $. Give the x axis a title of Months.

Display the legend for both the column and line chart on the right. The legend and months should display if columns and rows are properly selected.

Change the sheet tab name to Sales

Place a comment in cell A1 with your full name and GID number

Save the spreadsheet with the filename CS105_Wk7_YourLastName_YourFirstName_YourGIDNumber

Part 5 (SI SS)

Based on this week’s readings and videos, you now have some information to help you understand what you need in order to achieve your goals, and you also have some strategies for requesting help from your friends and family during your college journey.

Your assignment this week is to have an “I need” conversation with someone close to you (friend or family member).There are two parts to this assignment. First, you need to prepare for your discussion by creating a “conversation plan.” Then, you need to reflect on how the conversation unfolded. You will submit your outline of the conversation plan (part one) on the same page as your reflection (part two).

PART ONE: Here is the outline for your conversation plan.

1.Create a vision of the ideal state (“I want to earn this college degree”)

2.Explain your reasons for setting that goal, be sure to point out what’s in it for your friend/family member (“With a degree, I can earn more money for our family”)

3.Explain what it will take in order for you to achieve that goal (“I need two to three hours of quiet time each night in order to study”)

4.Explain how the other person can help you (“If you can bathe the kids and put them to bed, I will be able to study”)

5.Anticipate any resistance (“I know you are tired by the end of the day, and so it may be a challenge to do that by yourself”)

6.Offer a solution or a compromise (“I can help on the weekends, but I have deadlines on Sundays and Tuesdays”)

7.Remind your friend/family member of the positive outcome (“If we can work this out, then I can graduate in three years and we then will be able to afford that new car we want to buy”)

PART TWO: After you have the “I need” conversation, reflect upon how it went.Then, write a reflection paper that includes the following information

1.Recap your “I need…” conversation. With whom did you have the conversation? Did you cover your main points?Why or why not?

2.Reflect on your emotions. How were you feeling during the conversation?

3.Analyze your friend/family member’s reaction. How did the person respond to your conversation?

4.Anticipated results: Do you believe you will get what you need?Why or why not?

5.If you were to have the “I need” conversation with a second person, would you change anything given your experience with the first conversation?Why or why not?

Part 6

Sometimes situations arise in courses (or with instructors) that make you angry or upset, yet you need to resolve them diplomatically. It is important to email your instructor in a way that is professional and not accusatory, while asking for resolution of the conflict.

Pick two of the scenarios below, and write a professional email for each to a fictional instructor about the situation.

Scenario 1

You were in the middle of taking your final exam (which is timed) when the power went out. When the power resumed, the exam time had expired.You were only able to answer a few questions, and have a failing grade on the final. Write a professional email to your instructor explaining the situation, and asking if the exam can be reopened.

Scenario 2

You just looked at your grade on a project; it was much lower grade than you anticipated. You do not understand why your grade was low because your tutor helped you prepare the project. Write a professional email to your instructor asking for clarification on your score.

Scenario 3

Prior to the due date, your instructor approved the late submission of your assignment.When you looked at your grade, points had been deducted due to the late submission. Write a professional email to your instructor inquiring about the late penalty.

Scenario 4

You were reading through the posts of your classmates, and you notice that one of them copied your discussion post – i.e. they plagiarized. Write a professional email to your instructor informing them of the situation.Be sure to provide the name of the fictional student who plagiarized, and explain what they did.

Use the following template when composing your emails:

Subject Line: GID, Your Name, Course Name (Ex: GU101) Topic / IssueInstructor’s Name,My name is ________________________, G00012345…Explain what the issue is.Sincerely,Your Name

Part 7

For this assignment, you will create a tri-fold brochure that explains to your classmates why college students need to complete General Education Courses.

First, go to the Grantham University Catalog and select three general education courses that you feel are significant to a college student’s education.

Then create a tri-fold brochure in which you explain why it is essential that a college student complete each one of these courses.Be creative; use pictures associated with attending college.Your brochure should be a professional document; grammar, spelling, and punctuation are important.

Use the brochure template to develop your tri-fold brochure.NOTE: While this layout does not seem to make sense if you view it as a flat Word document, recall that the final product would be folded.

Here are the guidelines for presenting your information. The pages of the linked template have been labeled to help you organize your brochure.


oThis is the front cover of the brochure.

oCreate an interesting title and include relevant artwork – entice the viewer to open the brochure.


oThis is the first page the viewer sees upon opening the brochure.

oIn your own words, provide an overview of the General Education program.


oList the first general education course

oUse your own words to explain why this course is essential


oList the second general education course

oUse your own words to explain why this course is essential


oList the third general education course.

oUse your own words to explain why this course is essential.


oThis is the back cover of the brochure.

oInclude your name and GID.

oFeel free to add artwork or other information on this column.

Use Microsoft Word to prepare your assignment. You will attach the Word document to the assignment dropbox (do not type directly into the dropbox).


In this assignment, you will need to access the Grantham University Catalog

You are encouraged to work with your Student Advisor on this assignment.

You are going to develop an Academic Plan showing the courses you will complete to fulfill your degree program.You can print this out and put it on your refrigerator to track your success as you go through college!

Here are the elements of an Academic Plan:

1.The first column lists the terms you need to complete the degree (usually 10 terms for an Associate’s degree; 20 terms for the Bachelor’s degree; these may vary with each student).

2.The second column lists the month/year of the term – noting if you need to take time off for other commitments (use the * and footnotes to explain)

3.The third column lists the first course you plan to take.

4.The fourth column lists the second course you plan to take.It is suggested, but not required, that you take two courses per term; check with your Financial Aid plan to see if there are requirements on how many courses you can take per term.

The Academic Plan is simply a table that you can create in a Word document.Here is a truncated example:

My Name:Joe Student
My Degree Program:Bachelor of Arts, Strategic Communication
Month/Year of TermCourse #1Course #2
Term 1Jan 2019GU101CS105
Term 2Mar 2019CO101PS101
Term 3May 2019MA100EN100
Term 4*Aug 2019MA101EN261

* I plan to take off the month of July 2019 due to a work trip I have to take but I will come back in August

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