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Similarities between phenomenology and grounded theory.

Researchers talk about real life situations and this requires a high degree of interaction between researchers and the groups, individuals and situation of study. The two collects and analyzes data from participants view and makes sure their findings are not influenced by preconceived ideas. Both have strategies in which the researcher uses to investigate genuine situations, and requires a high level correction between the analyst and the individual or circumstances been studied.

Grounded and phenomenology gather and analyze information from participants’ viewpoints and try to guarantee that their findings are not impacted by assumptions. Both methodologies try to investigate people’s encounters with regards to the universe in which they live.


Phenomenological research is conducted to promote a deeper understanding of complex human experiences as they have been lived by the study participants (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015).

It experiences, which can only be gotten by collecting data from individuals who have passed through these experiences for example conducting research on women living with diabetes.

In grounded theory research the problem identifies the area of concern and the purpose indicates the focus of the theory to be developed to account for a pattern of behavior of those involved in the study (Grove, Gray, & Burns, 2015). Grounded scholars look to incorporate all information sources that may add to hypothesis improvement. Unlike phenomenology, grounded theory seek to include all data sources that might contribute to theory development.

Grounded theory compares data collected with all other data looking for contradictory cases, this might challenge emerging theory but will ultimately strengthen it.


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