clinical interviewing and cognitive assessment

nterview skill development is a pursuit beyond the scope of this course. It is important, however, to understand the relationship between cognitive assessment and clinical interviewing. In a clinical interview, information is elicited from the client. Clinical interviews can range from unstructured to structured, but regardless arof the level of structure, the clinical interview can prepare you to address relevant referral questions. Typically, the clinical interview precedes the administration of a cognitive abilities instrument, because it helps you to establish a rapport with your client. The interview also will help determine which, if any, instruments will be used in the assessment process.

For this Discussion, as you define the term clinical interview, consider how it differs from other kinds of interviewing, and explore how it relates, if at all, to scores obtained from cognitive assessment.

Potest by Day 4 a definition of the term clinical interview, distinguishing it from other kinds of interviewing. Then discuss the relationship, if any, that exists between the results of clinical interviewing and scores obtained from cognitive assessment. Support your response with evidence from the Learning Resources and current literature.

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