choose an image and analyze it

Choose an image and analyze it. You can pick an image of your own. If you don’t have an image, I will post some images on Moodle and you can choose one of these images. If you do choose your own image, make certain that you provide me with a copy of it.

All I want you to do is what Susan Bordo did in “Beauty (Re)Discovers the Male Body” in Ways of Reading and what we did in the Collaborate session when we analyzed some images.

I want you to have an argument and thesis that suggests what the image tells us or wants us to think. For example, Bordo tells us that the Calvin Klein ad gets us to look at the male body in a particular way. You must create an argument/position on the image.

You can use your own image, but I will post some images on Moodle you can use. If you do use your own image, you must provide me with a copy (a link is fine).

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