choose a film to discuss

Independent Asian American Narrative Films are often experimental, “art house” films that try to do something different than “mainstream Hollywood films.” Casting Asian Americans in in leading roles are certainly different than the Hollywood norm, but these films also challenge stereotypes within their storylines by often putting the main characters in strange situations.

Lesson 8 Choice: Bitter Melon (2018)

Lesson 8 Choice: Columbus (2017)

Lesson 8 Choice: A Picture of You (2014)

Lesson 8 Choice: Advantageous (2015)

Lesson 8 Choice: Ms. Purple (2019)

Please choose one of the film choices for this lesson and discuss it in this thread. Why did you choose the particular film from the choices? How is this film similar/different to a mainstream Hollywood film? How is this film similar/different to Chan Is Missing?

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