Can you help with writing a two-page narrative for Intial project proposal?

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Initial Project Proposal

In a two page single-spaced narrative, describe the project you intend to complete this semester.

When deciding on a project, please keep the following in mind:

  •  Remember that you will be developing this project in its totality. Be ambitious and be certain that your project is sufficiently complex to warrant being a final project in yourcurriculum’s capstone course, but please be sure to select a project that you can actually complete.
  • Remember that you will be turning in a working prototype of the project at the conclusion of the semester. In other words, if you are developing a database, you will turn in the working Access file. If you are developing a software application, you will turn in the executable file and all source code. If you are developing a Web site, you will submit a link to the hosted site and all source code.
  • Remember that you will be following the tenets of structured design. Please be sure to select a project that you can document very easily with any necessary entity-relationship diagrams, pseudocode, flowcharts, hierarchical site maps, etc.
  • Remember to select a project with a goal of monetizing it.


Software application – If you decide to write a computer program in a language of your choosing, it must include a way for the user to enter data and then it must either provide a way for the user to retrieve previously entered data and/or perform some type of calculation based on the data. The software application you program must be executed from a graphical inter face (e.g. buttons, menus) and not from the command line. Applications written with the ability to store data permanently will be looked upon more favorably than those that do not. Again, remember that you are developing this application for novice users and ease of use will be a major factor in the effectiveness of your program


Write two pages of single-spaced narrative that describe project you intend to complete at the conclusion of the semester. The proposal should answer the following questions:

  • Fictitious name of your database / software program / site.
  • Why is this project important? Who is this project designed for and who will it serve?
  • How will the database / program / site work?
  • How will you design this project? What tools will you use?
  • How would you make money off this project in the “real world”?
  • How much money do you think could be made off the project?
  • What else do you need me to know in evaluating the merits of your project to determine if it is worthy of being a final project in the capstone course of your curriculum?
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