business strategy 37

A. Create a business strategy in report format by doing the following:

1. Create an executive summary that includes the following points:

• the vision, mission, and value statement of the business

• the execution of a strategy

• the financial evaluation of the strategy

• a conclusion or summary of the business strategy

2. Discuss the vision, mission, and values statement completed in task 2, part A1.

3. Justify the analytical tools used in developing your strategy.

4. Include the detailed SWOT analysis from task 1.

5. Discuss your plan for maintaining competitive advantage.

6. Discuss the implications of competing in international markets.

7. Discuss a diversification strategy that should be considered in your business strategy.

8. Discuss at least one ethical consideration of your strategy.

9. Discuss your planned execution of the strategy.

10. Discuss how you would use ROI (return on investments) and cost-benefit analysis as part of your business strategy.

11. Create a conclusion for your business strategy.

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