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Please read the attachment and instructions for each Part. Please make sure all parts are complete

Part one

This is a group assignment on this part so only do what I highlight on this Part. I only want you to write atleast 120 words and add a reference.

I will write what the paper should be about.

It will be a Furniture manufacture. We will make furniture that can be moved with a remote control. When you want to move your heavy furniture to either clean or re-arrange you usually have someone to help you. Our furniture can be moved around with no help. Of course unless your need to move through a door. Sometimes we move furniture around to make the room look different. We would not have to wait for some to help, the furniture can be remotely moved. It will be fine furniture and the wheels will disappear into the furniture. It will not be hospital looking furniture. That is my idea.

This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.

Students will create a strategic business plan in teams for their culminating project in BUS-485. The structure of this assignment is comprehensive and integrative. It requires synthesis and evaluation of information, skills, and knowledge developed throughout the BS program at COB.

With your team, you will be required to submit specific sections of the capstone in each Topic of the course as indicated in the assignment instructions below. Each section will be due by the end of the Topic in which it is assigned. Prepare each assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Utilize the “Capstone Project Template,” located in the course materials, to organize the individual components into the final strategic business plan due at the end of the course.

For your first assignment, draft an overview of your project (a minimum of 500 words). Refer to Chapter 1 in the textbook for additional information. Include the following in your draft:

1.Briefly describe the context and your organization.

2.Articulate the vision, mission, and strategy of your organization (or business unit or division).

3.Describe the nature of the business opportunity.

Part 2

Select a major company of your choice.

Write a 1,200- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following:

  • Define Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Using specific examples, describe how your chosen company is managing ORM well.
  • Using Google Alerts, select 10 alerts that you would set up for your company and explain why you chose them.
    • As a reputation manager, PR person, or CEO, would you want to review these frequently? Why or why not?
    • Using the keywords chosen in your Google Alerts, research each of the keyword SERPs using Google and Bing.
    • Analyze the SERPs and explain the results: Is content negative? Positive? Neutral? Why do you think this is? Is the content created by the company itself or by outside customers, vendors, or partners? What differences in results appear between Bing and Google?

Recommend improvements that can be made to ORM for your chosen company?

Part 3

Imagine you have been assigned the responsibility of preparing a paper for the governor’s next economic conference.

Prepare a 1,050-word paper addressing the following:

  • Explain why equilibrium of supply and demand is desirable.
  • Explain the following concepts using the concept of consumer and producer surplus:
    • Efficiency of markets
    • Costs of taxation
    • Benefits of international trade
  • Discuss how externalities may prevent market equilibrium and the various governments policies used to remedy the inefficiencies in markets caused by externalities.
  • Analyze the difference between the efficiency of a tax system and the equity of a tax system as it refers to the costs imposed on taxpayers using the benefits principles.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources, not including your textbook.

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