blood vessels and blood pressure

Question Description


Describe the composition and functions of blood

Assignment Overview

This practice exercise assesses the student’s understanding of the specialized cells found in the human blood.


Student-developed questions and answers

Step 1 Develop assessment questions.

Using the information from your textbook and the lesson presentation, create 20 questions that will effectively assess a student’s understanding of the specialized cells found in the human blood. Include 10 multiple choice, 8 true or false, and 2 essay questions. Provide an answer key for the questions.

A PowerPoint presentation and an assessment tool

Step 1 Develop a presentation.

Imagine that you have been asked to develop an in-service training about blood pressure. Develop a PowerPoint presentation that:

  • Explains the different blood vessels in the body and their function
  • Explains how to take a blood pressure
  • Includes a brief discussion of hypertension and shock

The presentation should be about 15 minutes long and should contain no more than 10 slides. You can use any teaching tool, animation, video, or other media from the Internet that you think would fit well into your presentation. Cite your sources.

Step 2 Write a quiz.

Write a 10-question quiz to check comprehension of the material contained in your presentation. Create an answer key to the quiz as well.

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