Asthma Research Assignment

Question Description

The following are the instructions for this assignment:

You will gather data about your health issue and determine the causes and social determinants that impact this health condition. You will be asked to find the following data. HEALTH ISSUE IS ASTHMA.

Section 1: Data about your health topic (10 points)

This section is about providing data. A list or bullet points are fine. No narrative to describe the data is required.

For your health topic, find out the most recent U.S. statistics: (you may need to think outside the box for some of these rates depending on your topic)

• Incidence and/or prevalence rate of disease or condition (indicate which)

• Death or case fatality rate of disease or condition (indicate which)

• Data and rates on:

• Race and/or ethnicity

• Gender/Sex

• Age

All population health rates should be properly expressed. Provide an APA citation for your data sources for each static or you will not receive credit. For information on citations for online resources:

Section 2: Is this problem getting better or worse? (10 points)

Answer in 3 paragraphs or less: Is the health problem getting better or worse? Use at least three points in time to make your assertion (for example, provide incidence rates for the years 1990, 2000 and 2010). Then discuss WHY you think the problem is getting better or worse.

Do not use three points over a short period of time (2010, 2011, and 2012) and do not try to compare different rates (incidence and death, or prevalence and incidence). The rates compared must be the same rates from the same source.

Provide an APA citation for your data sources or you will not receive credit.

Section 3: Social Determinants (30 points)

Identify 5 Social Determinants of Health related to this health issue. Be creative. (10 points)

For each of the Social Determinants of Health you identified, write 2-3 bullet points relating it to the health issue you chose. Think about how these determinants impact your health issue and how it connects to the concepts we have covered this semester. (20 points)

Everything must be written IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If you use a resource to identify social determinants for your health condition, that is perfectly acceptable provided you properly cite your resources using APA style and use your own words to describe them.

For example:

Social Determinant: Poverty

Bullet Points:

• People who suffer from this health condition are much more likely to be poor.

• Poverty is associated with decreased overall health and longevity, adversely affecting the outcomes of those diagnosed with this condition.

Having trouble with social determinants? Here are some resources that might help.

If you have any questions about this assignment, let me know.

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