assignment 7 8 pages

Web Readings and Resources: These articles will help with your understanding and writing assignments.

  • Volunteerism,
  • The History of the Hull House
  • Welfare Reform
  • What is Human Services and what do human services worker’s do?

Why is volunteering important.docx

Volunteering Today-Why people don’t volunteer.docx

Hull House – Wikipedia.html

Welfare Reform.docx

What is Human Services-1.docx

With all of this reading under your belt, write an Essay paper discussing which topic most interest you and why?

How will you use this information as you move forward in your education. Use the writing guide below for this assignment. Scroll all the way down so that you don’t miss any information on this assignment.

Please see attached document to review Essay Tips.

After you review the Essay Tips (to make it simple for writing your Essay you only need:

1 cover page

1 Thesis or Introduction page

3/4 pages of the body

1 Conclusion page

1 Reference page

7 or 8 pages total

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