assignment 2146

Crowdsourcing in Marketing and Logistics

  • You will need to propose an example of a real crowdsourcing application.
  • You then need to choose any business and identify a possible function that can be supported by crowdsourcing.
  • You then need to discuss similar solutions to your chosen example and identify their advantages and disadvantages (when comparing them with the example you picked).
  1. The correct identification of a business function to crowdsource.
  2. Describing how crowdsourcing will support the function you mention .
  3. Referencing similar existing solutions from already implemented strategies .
  4. Advantages of using crowdsourcing with your function of choice.
  5. Disadvantages of using crowdsourcing with your function of choice .
  • Each criterion can be answered descriptively (i.e. by briefly writing a detailed answer to each park and by supporting your arguments with valid references (if applicable)).
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