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Step 1:Write a 1-page overview describing the pathophysiology behind the disease topic of interest (i.e. what causes this disease process to happen?)

I assigned you a topic in clinical and your topic was schizophrenia. So you need to write at least a 1-page minimum paper on schizophrenia meeting the criteria I also gave you in clinical. I’ll list it below.

Your paper should address these components:
1. Pathophysiology behind schizophrenia
2. Etiology of schizophrenia
3. Signs and symptoms observed in schizophrenia
4. Complications that can occur with someone with schizophrenia
5. Interventions/Treatments for someone with schizophrenia

Step 2:Outline the basic facts & your current understanding of the psychiatric condition(s) in your own words.

1.Overview signs and symptoms of disorder (not cut and pasted from textbook/internet).

2.Specific symptoms seen in each of the case studies

3.Treatment Modalities: Medications and different types of therapies that may be beneficial for the specific case studies. Please remember the holistic aspect of nursing.

4.Patient Education: Identify appropriate patient teaching points that you would use to educate your patient should they have this disorder. Include important teaching methods regarding medication class, recommended therapy, and home maintenance.

This week’s reading assignment is Substance Abuse & Addiction Part V p. 107-130 AND Child and Adolescent p. 300-306 & 314-319. You will read all those pages and then address the readings in each question. For number 1, you will give signs and symptoms of addiction, conduct disorder, and ADHD because that is what your readings cover. For number 2, you will tell me specific symptoms that you read about in each case study (Larry’s, Mr. Shaw’s, Tony’s, Janine’s, and Justin’s). For number 3, you will list treatment methods for each disorder covered in the reading. For number 4, you identify appropriate patient teaching points that you would give your patient if they had these disorders.

Step 3: Reflection Questions

1.What did you find of interest and/or surprised you about each case study? Be able to explain your response to the clinical group.

2.Were you reminded of a family member or friend? Would you care to share how? (For this question you do not have to share but if you’d like it can be helpful for your classmates to hear).

3.What did you underline?

4.Does the information presented in these case studies on the disorder of interest challenge your preconceived notion on this topic? If so, do you feel your previous views were influenced by the media (ie. News, movies, etc?) or personal experience?

5.With this new knowledge how will this impact your practice as a registered nurse?

You will reflect upon the WATM readings, and answer each of these questions in complete sentences regarding the readings.

WATM ( winds agianst the mind) book.

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