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Electron Configurations

Describe the electron configuration of an atom using principal energy level, sublevels, orbitals, and periodic table. Give one example others may not think about and why you made this selection.

Comment 1

  • An atom has negatively charged electrons. These electrons orbit around the atom in shells located around the atoms also contains subshells within it. Subshells or orbitals are represented by lowercase letters s, p, d, f, etc…Each orbital of an atom holds a certain amount of electrons maximum from inside out the amount that could be carried is 2,6,10,14
    The electron configuration of an atom can be seen as the group of the elementFor example chromium, I am using this example because it has an involvement in blood sugar regulation. And the configuration for this element is Cr (24)= 1s 2,2s 2 ,2p 6,3s 2,3p 6,4s 1,3d 5 On the periodic table we se that this element is a group number 6. In this element we see that there is an exception where the stability of the atom changes. We know from the periodic table that chromium is period 4 because the last number of energy in its last shell is 4. The atomic mass of the element is 51.996

Comment 2

The periodic table shows an array of information of each type of element and is carefully mapped out to show not only the atomic number and atomic mass number, but it also categorized into its electron configuration. An electron configuration is the distribution of electrons of an atom.

The electrons are located around the nucleus of an atom called an electron shell and are represented by n. The electron shells have more than one subshells which are notated as s,p,d, and f. These subshells have more than one orbitals. Each orbital can hold to a maximum of two electrons. Furthermore, electrons have the tendency to fill up the lowest energy orbital.

An example of an electron configuration I chose is calcium. From the table I am able to identify that it has an atomic number of 20 which also tells me it has 20 electrons. The electron configuration is as follows: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p64s2. I chose this element because calcium is an essential mineral that is a necessary nutrient for organisms to have to properly function.


Tro, N.J (2019) Introductory chemistry. Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited

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