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Answer each questions



Learning Outcomes


1)Havibg a savings of OMR 20,000 You are planning to start a business in Sohar with an initial investment of OMR 120,000. You have decided to avail a loan of OMR 100,000 from any financial institution. Bank Muscat and National Finance are ready to give loan for the said amount.

a)Which one whould you prefer? Why?

b)What are the factors to be considered by you while taking a loan?

Prasanna Chandra, Financial Management, McGra Hill.….



This helps the students to

• To know the source of funds and selection of the suitable source.


2)What are the procedures to be followed by the selected financial institution at time of granting loan?….

• To study “How financial institutions are granting loans?”


3)You have decided to insure your business. Answer the following question based on your decision.

a)Why have you decided to insure your business?

b)Choose an insurance company to insure your business and give the reason for choosing that particular company.

c)What kind of insurance policy will you select for your business? Why?

d)What are the procedures to be followed by the insurance company before making an insurance policy?….

• To understand insurance and purpose of insurance.


4)You have decided to invest 50% of the company earnings in some securities.

a) What are the factors to be considered by you before making the investment?

b) Select any five choices of securities for the investment.….

harverd style reference.

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