an assignment with research and recommendation on location of retailer

This assignment will require three main components:

  • Selection of three cities. Based on your own knowledge supplemented with online research, select three cities that might be good candidates for expansion for Caked On! List the three cities and defend your reasoning, including populations, demographic/psychographic compositions, competitors in each market, etc.
  • Research on general locations. Once you have selected each city, indicate a good location for Caked On! in each city. Discuss the location overall, and describe the type of location (Chapter 7). Consider the competition in each selected area and discuss how Caked On! will be able to perform well in the area given potential competitors.
  • Store options for specific locations. Once you have selected the location in each city, utilize online research to identify at least one store option currently available for commercial lease. Describe why the selected store option for each city is ideal as a new store location for Caked On! Remember the importance of location, location, location.
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