all of these assignments will be placed on turnitin program so please no plagiarism 4 questions

Question 1:

Your research paper is somewhat unique. Your task is to set an appointment with a PHR, SPHR, Human Resource Director, or Human Resource Manager. You will have a set of questions to ask this individual. You must interview someone with knowledge of Human Resource. The way they answer the questions will help determine your grade. Please add an email address or phone number for the individual you interview. I may randomly call or email if your paper seems odd. Please do not interview each other or interview a close relative unless they meet the requirements listed above.

This is a simple question and answer survey. All that is required is for you answer the questions based upon the interviewer responses. You may replace up to 5 question with your own questions that you would like to ask a HR professional. This should be a 30-45 minutes meeting. Please do not mail this to someone for them to fill it out. If you do, you have wasted some of your tuition money. This should be a good experience for you. Sometimes the HR individual wants to give you a tour of their facility. That should be your decision based upon your time schedule. The questions will be uploaded in a document for you.

Separately, I would like for you to write a 1 page summary of your experience. Please be honest and tell me if you like this assignment or if it was a waste of your time.

If you interview a HR Director from a local company, they might have trouble answering question 3. So, select a substitute question. You should submit a total of 30 questions and answer. It is important to interview a Director of HR, PHR or SPHR. You must interview someone knowledgeable of human resources. Otherwise, you might as well interview each other. Please list the name and a contact number or e-mail address for the individual you interview.

If you think of a great question to ask that is not on the list, please include the question and answer in your paper. You may substitute 5 of your own questions. Please only submit a total of 30 questions and answers. If an individual cannot answer a question, that is fine. Please go to the next question. You need to submit 30 answers. For example, “They do not do that at this company” or “He or She does not have an opinion” will not count as an answer.

I have attached the question list down below. Let me know if this is something you are able to do.

Question 2:

Quiz 4. I have attached this below.

Question 3 (Discussion):



The classic example is called “Lifeboat Ethics” because of what actually happened. Survivors of a ship wreck were in a lifeboat which was overloaded and going to sink. The officer in command had to decide whether to just let all drown, or to throw out some of the passengers in order to save all of the rest. Which ones should he throw out, the trouble maker, the seriously injured ones, or should all just drown?

Another example of an ethical dilemma would be in a situation where a terrorist has hidden a nuclear device somewhere in a large city. The device is set to detonate in 3 hours. Should the terrorist be brutally tortured until he reveals the location, or would it be more ethical to let thousands of innocents die?

A Canadian bush pilot crashed, and his 2 passengers were killed. When he ran out of food, he ate the passengers. Thus, he was condemned by the Church for committing the sin of cannibalism. Had he not eaten his dead passengers, that would have been suicide, which would also be a sin. What should he have done?

Question 4:

Being Your Best Self Project – Part 5 – Powerpoint – Due at end of Week 8

This final part is to create a PowerPoint presentation that:

1) Clearly sets out all steps in the Being Your Best Self decision-making process.

2) Provides clear evidence of each part of your project.

3) Demonstrates that your work can be presented to a business audience in a professional and competent fashion.

The Powerpoint should be no more than 10 slides and should not simply be cut and paste of your research submissions.

If the submission does not take through Moodle, and it is still before due date, email the submission to your professor.

I have attached self project 5 below.

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