ahs 7670 week 3 discussion

Conducting a needs assessment is critical when planning services for people with co-occurring disorders. The first step is to choose the target population for services.

Describe Ries’ Subgroup Model. Why is Ries’ Subgroup Model the best model to ensure that the heterogeneity (diversity) of the population of people with co-occurring disorders is being served?



Please read Chapter 3 & Appendix A in this course text:

Designing, Implementing, and Managing Treatment Services for Individuals with Co-Occurring Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders – Blueprints for Action

Please read Chapter 4, 5, 7 in this course Supplemental Reading Resource:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons With Co-Occurring Disorders. Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series, No. 42

Please read Chapter 1 in this course Supplemental Reading Resource:

Report To Congress On The Prevention And Treatment Of Co-Occurring Substance Abuse Disorders And Mental Disorders

Additional Resources:

Community Asset Mapping Workbook Community Asset Mapping refers to the process of creating an inventory of the skills, talents and resources that exist within a community or neighborhood. Identification of assets and skills, possessed by residents, businesses, organizations and institutions, can support neighborhoods in reaching their optimum potential. This workbook walks the reader through the community asset mapping process.

Needs Assessment Information Presentation (Links to an external site.)Needs Assessment Information Presentation

Asset Mapping vs. Needs Assessment (Links to an external site.)Asset Mapping vs. Needs Assessment

Assessment And Screening For Co-Occurring Disorders SAMHSA TIP 42 Counseling CEUs (Links to an external site.)Assessment And Screening For Co-Occurring Disorders SAMHSA TIP 42  Counseling CEUs

Co-Occuring Disorders (Links to an external site.)Co-Occuring Disorders

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