Advancing The Nursing Discipline, Profession, And Science

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Now that you’ve nearly completed the course, let’s re-visit the week 1 discussion topic. You were asked to formulate a position on nursing as discipline, profession and science. Describe your position now; has it changed? Are all RNs responsible for advancing the nursing discipline, profession, and science? What are our responsibilities as a collective discipline and profession and as individuals? One way to contribute as a Baccalaureate-prepared nurse is to use a nursing conceptual framework to guide clinical practice. At the institutional-level, some clinical agencies have adopted nursing conceptual frameworks to guide nurses’ practice. Another way to contribute is by being active and/or belonging to professional nursing organization(s). What else can you do to advance the nursing discipline, profession, and science? Include your reference(s) in both your initial post and your reply posts. You should include the following:Re-visit the week 1 discussion. Have your positions on or understanding of the nursing discipline, profession, and science changed? If so, how? Identify and discuss the responsibilities of RNs in terms of contributing to and advancing the nursing discipline, profession, and science.One way to contribute to and advance nursing is to apply a nursing conceptual framework to clinical practice situations. Identify a nursing conceptual framework that appeals to you or makes sense to you. Briefly describe a clinical practice situation you have encountered and how you would apply the nursing conceptual framework. Explain how this advances the nursing discipline.Identify any professional nursing organizations you are active in and/or maintain membership in. If you currently have no memberships, what are some that interest you? What does belonging to a professional nursing organization have to do with advancing nursing?Are there any other ways you can advance the nursing discipline, profession, and science?

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Nurse scholars have claimed that nursing is both a discipline and a profession. In order to understand these claims, we must first know what it means for nursing to have a “unique body of knowledge.” If we assume that nursing does, indeed, possess a unique body of knowledge, we can claim that nursing is a “basic science,” rather than an “applied science.” Despite these claims, debate continues about nursing as discipline, profession, and science. Is nursing a discipline? A profession? Is nursing a basic science and/or applied science? In your initial post, state what you think about nursing as discipline, profession, and science. Explore the literature beyond that assigned to you for this week’s readings to help you formulate your position. Include your reference(s) in both your initial post and your reply posts. You should include the following:What is a discipline? What is a profession? What’s the difference? What are examples of each?Does nursing fit the criteria for a “discipline” and “profession”?What is a “basic science”? What is an “applied science”? What’s the difference?Is nursing a “basic” or “applied” science? Support your statements with scholarly references. You may use those from the assigned readings on the course Blackboard site, but you must also select and use (via your literature search) a minimum of 1 reference outside of assigned readings. 
Present your posts and replies in a professional, scholarly manner. Use the APA publication manual to format citations and references

Also i am member of ANA( American Nursing Association)

The answer for first week discussion:


To answer the question of whether nursing is a discipline or a profession or whether it is a basic science or an applied science, it is important to first understand these terms and their difference. 

Nursing as a discipline vs. a profession 

The difference between a discipline and a profession can clearly be seen from their definitions. On one hand, a discipline is an area that is involved in the generation of knowledge and the procedures used in attaining this knowledge is mainly standardized. On the other hand, a profession is defined as the unit where the knowledge is applied and it is a field which has a lot of regulation in the manner in which the knowledge is applied. The main area of difference between these two is in the role and purpose. The discipline serves the purpose of generating knowledge which is then applied in the profession. The truth about these two is that they are interdependent. A profession without discipline is ineffective ad a discipline with profession does not any value (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). 

For this reason, nursing is both a discipline and also a profession. This means that in nursing there are activities that involve the generation of knowledge which falls under the discipline area and those that involve the application of this knowledge that is the profession. Nursing being a discipline and a profession is so much so prevalent in today’s world of healthcare which emphasizes on the use of evidence-based practices in nursing. The nursing field today is therefore proactively involved in generating evidence through research and in this sense nursing is a discipline. Further, the evidence acquired is embedded in nursing procedures and methods and the application of the knowledge from research makes nursing a profession as well. In the context of nursing, the essence of the discipline is knowledge expansion and the essence of the profession is to provide services to individuals using knowledge from the discipline to enhance quality and outcome of care (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). 

Nursing as a basic science vs. an applied science

On one hand, basic science is defined as a branch of science that is concerned with understanding the manner in which things work. Basic science helps to come up with theories and discoveries in science. Applied science, on the other hand, is a field in science that is involved with the application of the theories and discoveries of science developed for example from basic science to help solve problems in the field of healthcare practically (DeNisco & Barker, 2016). Similar to the case of the discipline and the profession basic science and applied science differ in the purpose they serve as basic science helps in the development of new information on how things work while applied science applies this information and knowledge in a practical setting and they are both dependent on one another. 

As the aspect of preventive care and evidence-based practice is greatly being incorporated into the field of nursing, the field has incorporated both basic and applied science practices. Nursing is considered as a basic science when nurses are involved in the development of new knowledge about how things work and this has become common as they try to understand the prevalence of diseases among the populations that they serve. Nursing is also an applied science and has long been considered so because nurses are engaged in the application of scientific knowledge to help enhance the health status of individuals at the hospital and the community level. Nursing as a basic science is a new phenomenon that falls in place following the involvement of nurses in scientific research. 

In general, there is a link on whether nursing is a discipline or a profession and whether it is a basic or an applied science. The link is that is nursing is that it cannot be a discipline by being involved in scientific research without falling under basic sciences and it cannot be a profession without falling as an applied science. 

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